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Forensic Expert Services

When problems that occur require an expert, unbiased analysis and opinion

If there has been an accident involving injury or death, property damage, or anything related to liability litigation, we can provide a reliable and impartial opinion on disputes involving floors and surfaces, especially natural stone, tile, concrete, and masonry. Attorneys and insurance companies regularly utilize Stone Forensics when they need an expert witness.

When it comes to floor and surface applications, materials pass through a lot of hands. Best practices must be followed, from appropriate material selection to proper installation to implementing recommended maintenance requirements.

A wide variety of circumstances can result in the need for forensic expert testimony. If something goes wrong, forensic testing and research can go a long way in making the most accurate determination about why a problem may have happened.

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Forensic Testing and Research

Problems arise from a variety of situations, from manufacturing and storage to handling and delivery. Factors that can contribute to failures include water absorption, inadequate compression strength, an inability to withstand temperature fluctuations, or improper installation. Failures can happen because of accidents, improper cleaning products or procedures, inappropriate restoration methods, and more.

Our specific testing methods and research may involve sample collection, extensive examination of records, repair feasibility studies, identification of applicable industry standards or guidelines, and more. Our tests include on-site testing, ASTM testing, petrographic and other laboratory testing, non-destructive testing, infrared thermography, stain removal testing, facade inspections, slip and fall testing, and more.

Detailed and Accurate Reports

Stone Forensics develops detailed and accurate reports including observations and documentation, as well as objective findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Reports come with a detailed list of references. Our forensic testimony can assist in the court making accurate decisions regarding claims.

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