Stone and Tile Troubleshooting and Inspection Workshop

Troubleshooting and Inspection Seminar

Stone and Tile Troubleshooting and Inspection Workshop

22-26January 2024 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Las Vegas, NV

Stone Forensics will be conducting its popular Stone and Tile Troubleshooting training in Las Vegas, NV Jan 22-25 2024. The program is designed to teach the basics of stone and tile installations failures. Fred Hueston will be conducting the training.

The amount of failures, poor installations and other issues with stone and tile flooring are on the rise. – Fred Hueston

This seminar is perfect for restoration and installation contractors, as well as architects, building engineers, and maintenance staff who deal with stone and tile installation and restoration.

The stone and tile troubleshooting program is a full 4 days with the certification test on the last day. The program is only offered once per year and the class size is limited. The cost of the class is $2500 per person.

The comprehensive course covers:

  • The geology of stone
  • Understanding the structure of different kinds of stone and materials
  • Identification of stone and tile types
  • Quarry techniques that affect the final product
  • Production of tile and slabs
  • Fabrication and installation requirements
  • Physical and chemical testing
  • Stone and tile forensic investigation
  • Diagnosis of problems
  • Stone and tile restoration
  • Repair and replacement
  • Stain removal
  • Troubleshooting
  • Report writing
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Slip resistance
  • Laboratory testing

One day will be spent in the field examining failures. For further information and to register fill out our contact form or call (321) 514-6845.

Check out this video for more info.

Past Attendee Testimonials

A master class in rock psychology. What a fantastic experience. The amount of shared knowledge here is unbelievable and I highly recommend this class for anyone who enjoys tile and stone. – Kenneth Lambert

I took the class in 2006, learning as an interior designer and tile & marble contractor was able to help my clients to know the difference of stone and good installation. Thank you – Stella Barison

What great memories I have about the 2019 class. Thank you very much for doing this Fred! William Alan White you should do it next year!!! Rob Amy Melquist you too, lad! – Pasha Starykov

Fred is the best. I have been in this business a long time and his knowledge is far superior to anyone I have ever meet in this industry. I have used him as an expert witness and his way of explaining technical subjects is amazing. If you ever need a stone or tile consultant, he is the best – John Huber, New York, New York

I am so happy I went to this class, my scope of knowledge in the stone and tile area has increased tremendously, Fred is a great instructor always willing to answer all your questions, I highly recommend this class to anybody who is in the construction business. – Humberto Metz

Attending this seminar last week was a great experience. We learn how to do an inspection, while doing the inspection assess every aspect from the way the structure was build to how it’s maintained. After years of installing tile, educating myself on proper installation, and endless manufacture workshop. The things I learned in this seminar will potentially allow me to work more with me head and less with my body. I’ve also realized there’s a lot I don’t know about natural stone so my next endeavor will be to educate myself on stone installation and maintenance. Fred was very attentive and answered all questions. Fred didn’t rush through this by talking at the class he presented thing and talked with us about the subject . Thanks Fred – John Roberts

Finding the words is not hard to describe the Stone Forensic Class. The level of training and information that one receives in this deep dive of installation failures is unmeasurable. The main difference of these classes, have over a traditional class, is that you are learning while sharing. What I mean by that is Fred speaks to us and we contribute by openly speaking and solving problematic issues that we see in the field. The class room is more of a think tank, a brain storming session where we become better, more educated and appreciative of the craft.

If you question whether or not to take any of Stone Forensic Classes, you will not be disappointed. Fred’s forward, logical and simple applications helps the attendees to grasp and understand the lessons curriculum. Just Do It! – James Medina

Excellent class presentation with transition to real world visual inspection. Could take this many, many more times and still learn. Excellent – Eliseo Sandoval

Great Education to extend my knowledge in the tile and stone industry. I would love to attend every year. There is always something to learn. Great Class and education. – Allyson Bottini