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Expert Stone Forensic Services

We provide world-wide consulting services for natural stone, tile, concrete, and masonry-related surfaces. Virtual inspections now available.

Inspection & Failure Analysis

Inspection and failure analysis is a discipline that either helps prevent failure of new installations, or for an existing installation, helps determine how and why failure took place. Failures can result from a variety of causes. Problems with stone may include de-bonding and delamination, tenting, cracking, stuns and crystal fractures, lippage, grout failures, and more. READ MORE

Historic Preservation

Preserving and restoring historical natural stone, masonry, and other surfaces is a highly specialized sector of the floor and surface care industry, requiring a certain knowledge and skill set that goes far beyond that of the average contractor. We take into account the long-term effects of every step of the preservation process and understand the importance of preserving the original quality, characteristics, and stylistic features of historic property. We can collaborate with architects and conservators to achieve the best possible outcome. READ MORE

Consultation Services

Do you need some guidance and support on an upcoming project? We have decades of experience providing knowledgeable stone, tile, concrete, and masonry consultation services. We can examine, evaluate, and advise on all aspects of marble and other natural stone, tile, terrazzo, facades, and other surfaces. In addition, Stone Forensics provides training and education to professionals in the surface care industry. READ MORE

Forensic Expert Services

Do you need a forensic expert who specializes in stone, tile, masonry, concrete, or other surfaces? Stone Forensics provides an impartial opinion on disputes involving surfaces, especially natural stone, tile, concrete, and masonry. Our detailed and accurate reports include documentation, references, observations, conclusions, and recommendations. READ MORE

Industry Training And Support

Fred Hueston is an extraordinary instructor who is a highly experienced, world renowned expert in his field. He follows thoughtfully planned course outlines and provides tremendous resources and support designed to best prepare and launch his students for maximized success. READ MORE