White Marks on White Marble Floor

White Marks on White Marble Floor

A White Carrara marble floor had little white dots all over it. The dots were heavy in high-traffic areas.


A visual inspection showed what are called Stun Marks or Crystal Fractures. (See image)

Stun marks are caused by impact from woman’s high heels or a sharp or heavy object being dropped. The pressure placed from a high heel causes the crystals in natural stone to crush and explode, which results in a small white mark that cannot be felt by one’s fingertip. Certain marble types, such as White Carrara, are prone to this type of damage.

​Summary and Solution
In some cases, the white marks can be removed by a stone expert resurfacing the floor. This must be done by a professional stone restoration contractor. Stone Forensics provided the specifications for this work and supervised the implementation of the process.