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Graffiti Removal Procedure for Stone, Tile, Brick, and Masonry Removing graffiti on stone, tile, brick, or masonry? Put the pressure washer away. It can be problematic and/or ineffective. Let's talk about graffiti removal.

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Should stone impregnating sealers be used in wet environments? Bad idea. I receive several calls a week with questions regarding impregnating-type sealers for use on outdoor stone, as well as interior wet areas,

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Q: Our shop has been getting a lot of resined slabs lately, and I am a little confused as to why slabs are resined, to begin with. I would be interested to know why

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Problems With Stone and Quartz Materials Over the past few years, my firm Stone Forensics has been called to investigate several problems with both stone and quartz materials. The following are some examples

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Ask any stone or tile inspector what the number one test they use to determine if a tile is bonding and most will say, the sounding test. For those not familiar with sounding,