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Dr Fred's Diamond Lubricant


  • Extends the life of diamond pads and diamond blades
  • Reduces caking for easy pick up
  • Keeps your diamonds cool and protects them from clogging

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Tenax Te-Blossom Poultice Kit For Marble, Granite And All Natural Stone Surfaces


  • TeBlossom is a removal Kit that chemically pulls out stains
  • 2 part kit designed specifically to target Blossoms
  • Includes 1 8oz can of TeClean
  • Used similar to Poultice compounds

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Tepouch Stain Remover Pouch


  • TePouch Stain Remover Pouch contains stone-safe surfactants and diatomaceous earth with the ease of a pouch similar to those used in teabags, for the first easy to use poultice stain remover for stone products.
  • By utilizing the stain process reversal technique, the TePouch Stain Pouch draws the stain out of the stone.
  • Designed to remove stains such as oil, grease, wine, tea, coffee, and other organic stains out of granite, marble, travertine, limestone, terrazo, concrete, brick, sanded grout, etc.
  • Simply run the TePouch under water to saturate the pouch, apply the pouch over the stain. Then cover with plastic wrap and make several toothpick holes in the plastic wrap. Within 24-48 hours after the powder has dried, remove the pouch and the stain will be gone! 3 pouches per kit.

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Dr. Fred's Stain Sponge Stain Removal Kit

The worlds best stain remover. No mess poultice in a pouch..just add water and place on the stain. Works on all kinds of food stains.

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Dr. Fred's Blue Be Gone

For removing those difficults blue/green stains that occur on granite countertops.

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