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Fred Hueston (Dr Fred)


Mr. Hueston is a nationally known consultant and the founder of Stone Forensics.
He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical and Physical Science (Limnology) (University of Central Florida 1981) . He is a certified master stone craftsman and Architectural Conservator, a member of ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) C-18 committee. He is a Technical Editor for Stone World Magazine and instructor for Certified Marble and Stone Inspectors via IICRC and has appeared on several television shows including The Discovery Channel, HGTV and several local talk shows.Mr. Hueston frequently presents seminars and presentations for stone, tile and historical associations. He has published over 100 articles on stone installation, care & restoration in both the United States and foreign publications and journals.

  • Author of over 30 books on stone and tile and has produced ten instructional videos.
  • He writes a syndicated newspaper column “Around the House” for several papers across the US
  • Has served as technical advisor, consultant & expert witness for numerous projects across the US, Canada, Asia and Europe.
  • Mr. Hueston is currently the only individual who is recognized by the IICRC to train other stone inspectors.
  • Mr. Hueston has served as technical advisor, specification writer and problem solver for the following:
    -US Government-Office of the Architect of the Capitol, Washington, D.C.
    -Federal Court of Appeals, San Francisco, CA
    -Ohio State Capitol and Senate Buildings
    -Latirete International
    -Walt Disney World Company, Orlando, Florida-Los Angles County Library
    -Kennedy Space Center, “Space Mirror.”
    - As well as dozens of architect, engineering, law, government and private industry firms