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Historical Preservation

Preserving and restoring historical natural stone, masonry, and other surfaces is a highly specialized sector of the floor and surface care industry, requiring a certain knowledge and skill set that goes far beyond that of the average stone and tile restoration contractor. Normal floor or countertop restoration methods are often not appropriate and may even cause damage.

At Stone Forensics, we take into account the long-term effects of every step of the preservation process, from cleaning and repair to maintenance. We understand the importance of preserving the original quality, characteristics, and stylistic features of historic property.

In most cases, through careful and meticulous methods that minimize alteration of floors and surfaces, historic surface materials can be preserved rather than replaced. In the event that replacement is necessary, new materials can be modified to match as closely as possible to the replaced materials. We can collaborate with architects and conservators to achieve the best possible outcome.

historical preservation

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